Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Luxury Linens, Ooo La La!

Since day 1, I have said that I will buy instead of rent, unless something is just too much money (such as chairs/tables and whatnot). I prefer it this way, because around here, almost everything is almost the same price as buying, and I can easily sell what I bought on Craigslist for 50% of what I bought if for. When I looked into simple tablecloths at the renting places (nearly all of them), they were charging almost $14 per tablecloth, and they weren't even special! Plain, white tablecloths. 

This is definitely not what I want. I set out to find the perfect base for each table. Something to add pizazz and sparkle, and I came across these. Since I first saw them there was no doubt in my mind that these would be the ones I would get. Satin tablecloths, the perfect color. (They have a ton of other colors, too, of course). For only $10.79, they might easily be the best steal of the wedding. 20 tables x $11 = $220. Then, Craigslist and/or Ebay, here I come to sell these monsters so I can easily make back $100.

Don't forget about the napkins, either. They don't have satin, but they have them in the regular linen in the same colors that match the tablecloths for only 50 cents/ piece. Just like the tablecloths, I intend to sell them when I'm done.

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