Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Milanoo = Wedding Savers!

I have looked through countless pages of over-priced, plain, so-not-me dresses that it's not even funny. I've never dreamed about going to the wedding dress store to pick out my dress, taking my mom and sisters and they all cry as soon as they see me in "the one". It definitely wouldn't be like that. Instead it would be me walking out in a countless number of dresses, my mom and sisters telling me everytime that I come out that "it looks good" or "that's hideous". They can either be very opinionated or not at all. Instead of taking the dreadful trip to David's Bridal or an overpriced boutique, I decided to look at dresses online.

It was a very long time ago that I came upon this site, Milanoo , and I have to say that it will be my number one choice for when I decide to take that step to buy my dress. There is not a single
"expensive" dress on the site. Their inventory is 3000+ and they have a million dresses that I have fallen absolutely in love with. They will make your dress fit to you, and any color that you want. You can also customize them in almost any way you can imagine. It's just......FABULOUS. I am on there at least twice a week, scoping out new dresses to find any that I like.

That being said, here are some beautiful dresses (doesn't even put a dent in what they have on their site) that you might love. Check them out! Also, they have free shipping on orders over $99, and you get a free flower girl dress if you spend more than $199! They have a large selection of bridesmaid dresses and tuxes, too.

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