Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dinnerware Options

If you've been trying to decide what you are going to use for dinnerware at your reception, you're just like me. I have a couple of different options, but I'm not sure what to go with. I really wanted the silver charger plates, with plates on top, but I just can't spend that type of money. After looking for awhile, I found a simple alternative. I found these plates:

over at SmartyHadaParty and thought that these would be an excellent replacement for charger plates, since they are actual plates, people can eat off of them, they look wonderful, you can throw them away, and they are only half the price. I then decided that I would get a smaller plate in this design:

I could get both of these plates for just the price of one charger. I definitely prefer this idea. I'm all for less dishes to do at the end of the night. I'm planning on setting each place setting with these plates, the silver on bottom and the polka dot one on top, and then if anybody needs an extra plate then I will buy the super cheap 500-to-a-package for three bucks ones and place them up by the buffet. This would mean that I would need 120 of each plate, which is exactly how much comes in a case of each. $98.00/case means that I will spend roughly $200 for the plates. Kind of pricey compared to buying the cheap-o paper plates, but I think it will definitely be worth it.

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