Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let's Get Floral

Since my wedding is going to have some pretty dark (but beautiful) colors, I definitely want a floral touch to lighten things up to make it super feminine. However, I don't want to deal with the stress of ordering real flowers, hoping they look okay and hoping that they make it in time, unwilted. It would stress me out to no end if I didn't have everything in my hands, ready to go before my wedding day. 

This is why I decided to go with silk flowers. They look real and are super cheap. These are the flowers I decided to go with. The carnations are so cheap but are still super pretty. They have a million colors, too. I wanted to do a mix of colors, but I want mostly cream to lighten up the room. I'm not sure how many flowers I want per table, but they are pretty cheap so I bet I could have enough to make it seem like a spent a fortune. Each flower is only .55/flower, and are really tall so they will fit pretty much any vase you decide to use. I was kind of skeptical about ordering flowers off the internet without knowing what they look like with my own eyes, but I will order a couple beforehand to make sure. However, I'm sure they are fine. David Tutera used this site, after all.

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